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 moulded assy

Supremely tough but conformable moulded electrode pad.


Downhole components

You may have a great new tool or instrument whose development you want to keep in house.  Yet, too much non-core support technology is needed to get the project downhole.

Provided the projected quantity is reasonable, TSL Technology can produce proprietary motors and control electronics, support subs like hydraulic power packs and surface panels to meet your needs, leaving you free to concentrate on your core technology and getting it into field service.

If you need a downhole sensor, motor, hydraulic or electromechanical actuator, and supporting electronics - ask us. 



  • Fast servo-hydraulic-control of a 20HP load?
  • Sequenced high force cylinders?
  • Micro-hydraulic control of multiple coordinated actuators?
hydraulic block2 

TSL Technology has supplied all these and more.  We are very familiar with the vagaries of pumps, valves, filters and oil fill.

hydraulic block 

Motors and electronics

downhole motor 

We understand motors and their control.  Numerous special motors for downhole applications, from a few hundred watts to many horsepower have been developed and manufactured by us.  Oil filled and 200C.  We understand how to power and control these motors, with telemetry, over wireline.  In one heptacable wireline thru coiled tubing application several of our motors were used simultaneously, one of which drilled through casing - over a horsepower.  In a monocable application we supplied a controller and motor sub, telemetry and 1000V 4A surface panel for a direct-drive tractor.


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